Pre- & Post-operative Support

Pre- and Post-Operative Support for Surgery

Note: Most hospital personnel will not have accurate information about or understanding of the use of homeopathic medicine. In fact, using any homeopathic remedy will not interfere in any way with any other drug or procedure you need for your surgery or recovery. Homeopathic remedies contain no actual chemical compounds other than water and a tiny amount of lactose. If you can use these remedies as soon as you are in the recovery suite after surgery, that will be ideal. However, it is vital for your well being to have an easy and collaborative relationship with your care providers while in the hospital; therefore waiting until you are out of recovery and in your regular room to use your post-op remedies is fine, and you will benefit from the support they provide.

Before surgery:

Up to one month/at least one week:

  • Vitamin C 1,000 mg. three times daily
  • Zinc 50 mg. daily
  • B complex (“stress tab”) twice daily

One week:

  • Arnica 6c three pellets * three times daily

Three days:

  • Staphysagria 200c one dose daily

After surgery:

As soon as possible:

  • Arnica 1M one dose
  • If general anesthesia, ASAP Phosphorus 200c one dose

2 weeks to 1 month:

  • First Intention (Tyler)    OR
  • Opti-Recovery (Vitanica) per label

*One dose of homeopathic pellets means approximately 3 to 6 large pellets, or 1/2 cap tiny pellets. Remember that the actual number of pellets does not really matter; what matters is how often the dose is taken, and that is determined according to the potency used and the individual circumstances of the patient’s condition.

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