The Natural Diet Solution for PCOS and Infertility

The Natural Diet Solution for PCOS and Infertility has sold more than 6,000 copies, providing vital information and support for women from all over world who want to restore their health and live well with PCOS.

Imagine this:
• You can have, right at your fingertips, a compilation of my 15 + years of clinical experience and knowledge about how to restore your health and live well with PCOS!
• And, you can
join a community of women who have used a new way of eating and exercising, proven by medical research to substantially reduce the physical and emotional distress of PCOS!

Imagine how you can use my clinical expertise — supported by medical research and organized into an easy-to-follow plan — to empower yourself to regain a sense of control over your life and health, despite living with this poorly understood syndrome.

Imagine yourself making the changes you need to restore normal menstrual cycles, optimize your ability to have a healthy baby, lose weight in a healthy way, reduce acne and hair problems, have more energy, and protect yourself from future diabetes and heart problems- you, yep, YOU can do all that with the help of The Natural Diet Solution for PCOS and Infertility.

Why This e-Book Is Vitally Important to You

If you’re like most women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), you know all too well how difficult and distressing this condition is. You know how little control you seem to have over your appearance, your weight, your appetite, your fertility and sexuality, your energy, and how you feel about yourself.

You know that doctors seem to have little to offer in terms of effective long-term treatment. You’re uncomfortably aware that your spouse, relatives, friends and co-workers may not fully understand what you are going through. You may be distressed by the idea that some people you know are making judgments about how you seem to take care of yourself.

Even more seriously, you know that you have a significantly greater risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. And sadly, uncontrolled PCOS may increase the risk in your unborn daughter.

With the cards seemingly stacked against you, what can you do?

You Can Help Yourself!

Your essential first step is to discover and explore all of the natural self-help methods that are open to you.

Clinical experience and hundreds of medical research studies clearly show that you can get reliable results with natural therapies, especially the foods you eat, the exercise you do and the healing you create with self-selected choices and self-driven behavior changes that work for you.

The Natural Diet Solution for PCOS and Infertility teaches you everything you need to know to get more control over your health and to safely reduce the symptoms of PCOS. It is your personal guide for effective, immediate action against this debilitating condition.

“Thank you for finally giving me hope again!

I’ve been waiting for something like this forever. This is what I needed someone to tell me — what to eat and what not to eat. I have spent a small fortune on nutritional counseling, and I can’t believe that all the answers are in your book with specific information about PCOS. Incredible! I must say that I feel great.”

- Lisa Giamarino

Why this E-Book Was Written

You may have been frustrated by the tendency of some doctors to simply prescribe birth control pills, metformin or some other drug — and leave it at that. There are simply not very many physicians educated about and experienced with treating PCOS with safe, effective, natural methods.

But based on research from medical centers world-wide and my decades of clinical experience, we know that natural methods such as diet, exercise and stress management can have huge, long term, positive impacts on your experience with PCOS.

Packed with useful information, meal plans and healthy recipes, you’ll find in this e-book describes a program based on solid health principles — rules that you can live with, use with confidence, and actually enjoy while you improve your health.

“A great self-help book in making nutritional changes so important to women with PCOS. Following the recommendations in this book can change your future — and provide the key to the prevention of some of the more serious complications associated with PCOS.”

- Tori Hudson, ND., author, Women’s Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine.

“I am so happy, have so much energy, am sleeping well. I want to eat good food all the time — it’s crazy but this actually works. In 1 week my mother noticed the weight loss and wanted to know what I was doing. I gave her the book — she told me it was like reading a book about her — everything that she had been going through in her life finally made sense to her. I had to buy a book for her so she wouldn’t steal mine!

We are all excited about finally getting answers on how to control PCOS! You have changed my life for the better and I hope that everyone keeps with it. The road only gets better from day 1.”

- Meghan Marlow

What You’ll Get in this E-Book
• 528 pages jam-packed with information to help you naturally control PCOS.
• Dietary guidelines for every component of your diet: meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, dairy, legumes & soy, grains, vegetables, fruits, sprouts, nuts and seeds, and fats and oils.
• Simple, healthy daily meal plans for a month — a foundation for healthy meals for your whole family, for the rest of your life.
• Over 150 healthy, tasty recipes for your meal plans that are easy to follow.
• Foods you can enjoy without feeling guilty.
• Complete shopping list of inexpensive approved foods that you can buy in any supermarket.
• Quick and easy meals for when you’re in a hurry.
• Meals your whole family will be happy to eat.
• Healthy herbs and spices for the kitchen.
• Sauces, dressings and spreads that are quick and healthy.
• Straight talk about almost-healthy vs. always-unhealthy sweeteners.
• Healthy snacks.
• What to eat in restaurants, at the office, at parties, when traveling or living on campus.
• Freedom from obsessively counting calories.

“I have renewed my commitment to myself….and I have been feeling terrific! I refer to your wonderful book often….for inspiration, ideas, information and education.

My primary focus is health…not fertility at this stage…I find your website and book an amazing resource. I have recommended the book and website many times. I have lost almost 20 pounds.”

- L.V.W.

Additional Benefits at Your Fingertips
• You’ll have a vastly improved understanding of PCOS and its causes. This knowledge will empower you to more effectively deal with PCOS and explain it to loved ones. It will give you the ability to judge whether or not your doctor knows enough about PCOS to actually help you.
• The book goes beyond diet. Read about the research reveaingl that regular exercise and control of chronic stress are absolutely crucial for long-term health with PCOS. We give you recommendations and guidelines to multiply your probability of success.
SAVE MONEY! Don’t waste another penny on unneeded nutritional supplements. I will you which supplements may be relevant to your situation with PCOS. Carefully selected nutritional supplements play an important supportive role in returning you to a state of good health.
• You may have a genetic predisposition for PCOS. Did you know that your genes can be influenced by what you eat? You will find out exactly which foods can positively influence how your PCOS genes show up in your every day experience of your health.
• You’ll learn how to make your food your medicine- and make it easy! For example, we explain two different ways to prepare the exact same meal. One way can make you gain weight while the other way helps you lose weight.

“This is a serious resource for women suffering PCOS who want to take control of their health and weight.

Dunne and Slater provide in-depth descriptions of the altered biochemistry underlying PCOS and elevated weight and show how these can be restored to normal through intelligent, researched dietary choices.

A unique and welcomed contribution to self-care.”

- Joe Pizzorno, ND., co-author, Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, and Encyclopedia of Healing Foods.

“Thank you for writing this book. It is very frustrating to read all kinds of infertility books, etc. and none of them could relate to us with PCOS! This is a great start to our horrible, frustrating disease!”

- April Whitehead

• Chronic inflammation is a hidden trigger for PCOS symptoms. Has your doctor counseled you about this very serious problem? After reading this e-book, you will know exactly how to disarm this trigger.
• You’ll get sixteen crucial tips for improving your fertility.
• The correct diet is your #1 ally in the fight against hirsutism and acne. Excess hair and acne are caused partly by too much testosterone. This diet is designed to help your body reduce the effects of testosterone on hair growth and acne.
• Have you had trouble losing weight? Much of the information in this e-book is specifically designed to aid those women who seem unable to lose weight.

“My own woman care doctor was so impressed with your book that he wants a copy, so I directed him to your website. Thanks for providing what appears to me to be the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and thorough information on PCOS.”

- Kat Serven

“The book is such a blessing. I take it everywhere I go. I want to thank you for researching the information because it affects so many of us in so many different ways. I can’t express how much this book means to me and I will use it every day.

Is there an address where I can send you a thank you card?”

- Lisa Vang

“I read the book all weekend and feel armed now to face this syndrome and to simply get better. The book gave some excellent insight into a lot of danger zones and paved a great path to healing and well being. Much appreciated.”

- D.Y.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking birth control pills or drugs alone will restore your health and make your PCOS go permanently away. The truth is, you are dealing with a complex, frustrating set of circumstances that are very difficult to treat and have serious implications for your own future health as well as the health of your children.

Healthy food and a healthy lifestyle is your best and most effective long-term medicine.

If you’re searching for additional ways to live well with PCOS, this e-book will serve you well. This program does require a commitment on your part — as does anything truly worth doing. But improved health, better control of PCOS symptoms and increased fertility will be your reward.

Take your immediate first step toward better health and increased freedom from the constraints of PCOS. Get your copy of The Natural Diet Solution for PCOS and Infertility right now.

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