Dr. Nan Dunne, naturopathic physician: notes and news

Hello! Thank you so much for  your interest in Dr. Dunne’s expertise in PCOS. We receive inquiries and requests for consultation almost daily, all of which let us know what value women with PCOS receive from the information and support Dr. Dunne provides. Because the volume of inquiries continues to increase, we find ourselves having to make some changes. Dr. Dunne has recently suspended her long distance consultation service in order to create the time she needs to finish writing her new book on PCOS.

Dr. Dunne is hard at work on her follow up to the 2005 Natural Diet Solution to PCOS and Infertility.  As you may know, that work focuses on nutritional aspects of PCOS and is full of practical help for your transition to a PCOS-optimal diet. The new work is more inclusive; it is organized around Dr. Dunne’s clinical practice research, in which she has compiled the treatment elements with the highest success rates in her own naturopathic medical practice. The new volume will also detail the most current research- and research into managing PCOS has become a world-wide priority, with many exciting and useful results to report, and make accessible to you.

Dr. Dunne has a passionate and very personal commitment to learning how to effectively manage PCOS; both she and her 30 year old daughter are women living with PCOS, naturally. In her next book she is describing a unique perspective, based in nutritional, metabolic and genetic science, that includes her understanding of the positive advantages of being a woman with PCOS.

We want you to have the answers to your very important questions; we wish you could have them today. However, answering your questions, in a truly useful-to-you way, is more than can be done in a brief email reply. We were offering a consultation for fee service that did allow women to receive appropriately individualized treatment recommendations. However, as noted, the demand for this service has become overwhelming. Although it is not satisfying to you to hear you no longer have the option of individualized attention from Dr. Dunne, we are certain you will benefit from the information in the currently available ebook, and by the time you have wrung every drop of goodness from practicing the recommendations there, we hope you’ll be able to have the new book in hand.

Prioritizing finishing this book, also means that more of Dr. Dunne’s professional colleagues will become informed and better able to be useful to their patients with PCOS; we think we will help the most women, the soonest, this way. Dr. Dunne encourages you to seek care from her colleagues; naturopathic physicians universally practice the principles Dr. Dunne applies to her treatment planning for each patient. Please go to www.naturopathic.org, website of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and look for the “Find a ND” feature. You can enter your zip code there to find a list of naturopathic physicians near you. The Advanced Search feature allows a search by state. Any physician located through the AANP will know s/he is welcome to consult with Dr. Dunne on any woman’s concerns.

We truly regret disappointing you. However, if you will email us at info@drnandunne.com, and type Contact Me in the subject line, we will preserve your  email address on our alert list; you’ll receive notices regarding the availability of the new book.   Please also continue to visit Dr. Dunne’s website; we are cooking up some ideas for how to get at least some of the new material in your hands prior to the whole book being complete.